Add Light to a Room with Art Deco

Lamps come in all shapes and forms and many act as intricate works of art. Even though they serve a The Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpturefunction, they never need to be boring. That would do your home a disservice, especially since there are so many beautiful and interesting means of adding light to a room. Instead of using a regular lamp for lighting, you could also provide a soft, warm touch with elegant art deco like the The Desiree Art Deco Lighted Sculpture.

Is it a lamp? Is it a sculpture? It's actually neither and both at the same time. The graceful curves of this art deco piece are beautiful to look at and add elegance to any room. The piece would be beautiful enough on its own but the frosted, lit globe helps it to take on a much more magical appearance. Colored in a trio of faux ivory, ebony, and gold leaf, this sculpture also has just the right amount of contrasting tints to give it an eternal, peaceful, museum-like appearance. While a tiger sculpture or Bigfoot statue adds excitement to a backyard, this beautiful little piece from the Basil Street catalog is functional elegance at its purest.

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