Add Some Elegance and Some Beauty To Your Home!

For centuries, the likenesses of angels, cherubs and putti have been captured in stone, architecture, resin and painting. Our serene heavenly angel statues, cupid statues, angel figurines-even angel religious garden statues-bestow a special blessing upon your favorite room or garden space. Add a little touch of angel heaven to your walls or lawn with our one-of-a-kind angel wall sculptures and praying angel lawn ornament statues.

Now consider putting some of these architectural religious outdoor statues outside! 

The Angel of Patience Sculpture, by artist Candice Pennington, is an especially elegant and beautiful piece in our stone garden angel collection.
At more than a yard tall, this dramatic classic angel statue is an investment in spiritual art sure to be the focal point of any home or garden setting. Every angelic detail of this majestic sculptural figurine has been captured in quality designer resin and hand-painted one piece at a time.

At only 45 pounds, this piece of work will ship to you in no time!

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