Add Texture to Your Home with Framed Art

There's nothing more boring than a home with bare walls. Well, a static television screen is a strong contender but at least the conglomeration of fuzzy black and white dots still show texture. When walls have nothing to break up their barren monotony, it doesn't say anything about their room. It displays about as much character as a void and you can be sure that guests will get that sort of empty feeling when they Zebra's Kiss: Classic Art Reproductionwalk in. To keep you, your family, and guests interested in the appearance of your home, add some texture to its walls with framed artwork.

They carry out a similar purpose as the greenmen decorating the trees in your garden and will bring those barren walls to life. A framed replica of a painting that depicts black and white striped zebras adds a solid dose of texture to the smoothest of walls. This replica of a work done by Lisa Benoudiz is a great addition to an African-themed room, animal-themed room, or a wall that simply needs more texture.

Just about any painting that incorporates texture will work for spicing up those bare walls. For a classic, patriotic look, try hanging a replica of Washington Crossing the Delaware.

Beautify your backyard with a tiger sculpture and resin garden statues but use Egyptian decorations and framed works of art to liven up the interior of your home. All framed art is 25% off from February 22nd to February 27th!

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