Add the Beauty and Elegance of Marble Statuary to Your Home

White marble has been prized for its use in sculptures since classical times. This preference has to do with its softness, relative isotropy and homogeneity, and a relative resistance to shattering. Also, the low index of refraction of calcite allows light to penetrate several millimeters into the stone before being scattered out, resulting in the characteristic waxy look which gives "life" to marble sculptures of the human body. The famous ancient Greek statue of Venus was beautifully sculpted from marble, giving it its characteristic glow.

Design Toscano has dozens of marble garden statuary pieces, marble busts for sale, and even more marble statues for your home.
Madonna of the Harpies Bonded Marble Statue
The Madonna of the Harpies Bonded Marble Statue by Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530), 1517, Uffizi Galleria, Florence is a beautiful and elegant piece that will contribute to the style and decor of your home.
Bringing del Sarto's revered image of the Madonna and Child into three dimensions, this unique sculpture is a classic composition of great skill and beauty. Complete with details including the painstakingly rendered garment folds and the feathered angel wings, this more-than-foot-tall masterpiece is cast in fine-quality bonded natural marble for proud display in home or gallery.

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