African Animals, Dinosaurs and an Alien

All of the three items described below are part of our GARDEN SALE

Zairen, the Zebra SculptureWe are pleased to have a large collection of African animal statues that range from our popular outdoor elephant statues to giraffes and hippopotamus.   A wonderfully different animal for your backyard is Zairen the Zebra Sculpture.  Like all of our animals, Zairen is hand painted with his distinctive black and white stripes and of course created in great anatomical detail.  He is almost three feet tall and is a Design Toscano exclusive and part of our GARDEN SALE.

The garden animal collection has many different sections from tropical animals, domestic animals and zoo animals.  However, we are especially proud of our collection of “extraordinary” animals led by our Bigfoot statue.  Dinosaurs are part of this group and a favorite is Boris the Brontosaurus Roswell, the Alien SculptureGarden Dinosaur Statue.  This large, but gentle guy stands approximately 84” tall and is 153” long, so you neighbors will surely believe that your yard has gone way back in time.  This big guy eats leaves and grass and loves your yard; you will love his lower price in the GARDEN SALE.

Our collections are always full of unusual, fun and slightly skewed statues.  Our famous Meerkat sculpture is known for its fun and now we have another statue that will become known for being very different.  How many of your neighbors can say that they have Roswell, the Alien Sculpture in their backyards?  This alien is almost 2 ft. tall and was created by Liam Manchester, one of our artists.  We don’t know if he was created from imagination or actual contact.

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