All Garden Fairies Need a Fairy Ring

Twinkle Toes Fairy StatueTales of fairies and their magical cousins, the leprechauns and gnomes, have been with us for thousands of years. Despite the widespread present-day belief that elves and other "little people" only live on in fairy tales and fantasy novels, in some parts of the world, people actually still leave offerings for spirits that supposedly reside in the home and garden. Even though few people actually see those little spirits, the occupants of homes in such countries as Thailand would rather not risk offending them and thus give them a small, sculpted place to stay along with a few offerings to keep them happy.

While various western cultures probably also followed similar practices at some time or another, many also held the belief that fairies lived in certain enchanted spots in old forests, wild moors, and craggy mountains. Those magical sites could be recognized by the presence of fairy rings and were to be avoided, especially after the sun went down. Fairy rings came in the form of mushrooms, trees, or rocks that seemed to be placed in a circular shape. The obvious circle appearing in the middle of some wild area just couldn't have happened by any natural means and was therefore attributed to the little people. Whether natural or made by someone, a fairy ring is the perfect place to display a garden fairy statue. It will look right at home in the fairy ring and even better when placed beneath a tree decorated with greenmen.

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