All Indoor Statues Are on Sale Starting Today!

Les Filles Joyeuses Neoclassical Pedestal UrnIt's February 23nd and our sale on indoor statues has begun! From today until Monday, February 25th, all indoor statue purchases get 20% off the regular price. This includes hundreds of beautiful items that will add character to the home and charm your guests. Put an adorable vision peace on display with the Sleepy Time Baby Angel Statue. This sweet decor is a charming expression of peaceful rest that could easily act as inspiration for an afternoon nap. Show this beautiful little statue in the library, on an impressive column, or on any shelf that has room for it.

Save on beautiful items for putting flower arrangements on display like the Les Filles Joyeuse Neoclassical Pedestal Urn. This work of art is inspired by antique pedestal urns that grace the halls of old French chateaus. The classic urn is held up by the arms of two lithe maidens who dance atop a small column. Showcase this beautiful item in the entranceway to your home or office.

Beautiful bonded marble statues are also on sale and include a sculptural representation of Botticelli's "Birth of Venus". As with other bonded marble statues, this fine, elegant indoor decor is made with a process that blends marble dust with resin to create a substance that looks and feels very much like solid marble.

Enjoy savings of 20% off these quality items and all indoor decor from now until Monday, February 25th.

This sale can't be combined with other offers.

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