Amazing Sale on Amazing Garden Statuary Today Only!

Emmett the Gargoyle SculptureOk, so it's no surprise that we hold a lot of sales. We appreciate our customers and like to help them acquire the most unique and highest quality decor around and try to make that happen by offering a variety of discounts throughout the year. However, if you happen to be reading this post on August 10th, you can count yourself among the luckiest of our customers because on this day only, anything you order from now until 7 PM gets a 25% discount! We call it the Happy Hour Sale and like typical happy hours at your favorite drinking establishment, it only runs from now until 7pm.

If you are lucky enough to be reading this, look through the site to pick out gargoyle gifts for your Gothic-attired niece, those animal garden statues that you have always wanted for the backyard, and decor that can act as birthday and Christmas presents for all of your loved ones. Find the unique objets d'art and other items that will put a smile on everyone's face. Make sure to place your order from now until 7 PM and get that big 25% discount as part of our Happy Hour Sale!

The Happy Hour Sale at Design Toscano only happens from now until 7 PM on August 10th.

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