An Animal Yard Statue at Home in the Trees

Not all garden statuary needs to be placed in flowerbeds or near the pool. While it is true that there are animal garden sculptures that add action and fun to those parts of the backyard, the ground isn't the only place where you can put statues. Although the weight of heavy, marble sculptures placed limits on where Hanging Jungle Monkey Statuethey could be shown, modern-day resin sculptures are light enough in weight to be placed on walls and can even be hung from the trees.

One such action-packed sculpture is the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue. Crafted with the same realistic detail that goes into every Design Toscano statue, this Chimpanzee looks as if it might swing right out of the tree. From its long, strong arms to the curious smile on its face, the realism of this mischeivous monkey statue is perfect for entertaining guests at backyard parties or patrons of outdoor restaurants. It also makes for an excellent addition to planted trees in hotel restaurants or lobbies and will keep guests talking about their stay long after they have returned home.

Get the Hanging Jungle Monkey statue for your backyard or business and see it entertain all of your guests and clients.

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