An Animal Yard Statue for a Seaside Home

Ocean's Perch Pelican StatueThe sound of the ocean is one of the more soothing songs played by nature's harp. Whether crashing onto a rocky shore or softly swishing up onto a sandy beach, waves provide one of the most peaceful of background sounds. The repetitive, timeless quality of wave noise is made even better by a view of a vast, endless surface of water. The beautiful scene is accentuated by distant ships and gulls in graceful flight, and nearly every day ends with a gorgeous sunset. Add that to romantic walks on the beach and it's no wonder that so many of us would love to have a house on or near the beach.

If you are fortunate enough to live near the ocean or on a large lake, the experience only gets better by using decor appropriate for your seaside situation. One decoration that will add a perfect touch to any seaside home or business is the Ocean's Perch Pelican Statue. Two stately pelicans rest on dock pilings as they wait for the fishing boats to come back from the high seas. The scene is a common one on the rocky shores of southern California, on the sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, and just about any bay in Florida. Even if you don't own a seaside home, this statue will make you feel like you are back at the beach.

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