An Asian View to Décor

Basho the Sumo Wrestler SculptureOne of the most popular looks in both indoor and outdoor is the Asian look.  This look can be a tall regal statue or for even more fun in our Japanese garden statues we have Rasu the Sumo Wrestler Sculpture.  Rasu is crouched as though ready for a fight to begin and looks somewhat intimidating, yet more as a guard to your yard.  Rasu comes in two sizes, large and medium, for differing uses outdoors.

Buddha outdoor statues add an oriental look to any yard and also create something of a peaceful, calming effect.  People generally associated the Buddha form with a round kind of happy guy sitting crosslegged, however there many different depictions of the Buddha.  The Bodha Gaya Buddha Statue is a 3 ½ ft. sculpture of the Buddha standing with a gong gently and tranquilly.  A fun Buddha sculpture is the Jolly Hotei Buddha Statue who just makes all who seem him want to smile and be happy.

Takamatsu Geisha CollectionIn our Basil Street Gallery we have some beautiful sculptures to add to your indoor Asian décor.  The graceful Takamatsu Geisha Collection with two wonderfully dressed Geisha, one playing an instrument and the other dancing with extreme grace.  For a less subtle touch to you décor, you might interested in the Ancient Dragon Foundry Iron Candelabrum.  This marvelous sculpture of a fierce strong dragon holds 3 votive candles on its back with pride.

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