An Exotic Aviary of Garden Statuary

Polly in Paradise Parrot Sculpture on Ring PerchBirds are one of the most popular animals to watch. Unlike mammals, most birds are active during the light of the day and aren't afraid to visit the backyard. Ok, so squirrels do that too but how many other mammals do you see in the garden? Compare that to the flocks of sparrows, beautiful little yellow and black goldfinches, rose-red House Finches, and striking cardinals and it's easy to understand why so many people love to feed and watch birds.

It's too bad that incredible, exotic species like parrots, toucans, and flamingoes don't visit yards in Canada or the USA but those colorful species can still make an appearance in the form of quality resin garden statues. Set up your own colorful aviary of feathered friends with animal garden statues like Touco the Tropical Toucan and Polly in Paradise Parrot Sculpture. The beautiful details and realistic colors of these sculptures will make the neighbors wonder if your garden actually does host an aviary of tropical birds.

The scenario will be complete with the gorgeous Regal Peacock Garden Sculpture. Just like the actual, long-trained birds that strut across the lawns of Victorian gardens, the Regal Peacock shows off its incredible colors in your own backyard.

Put the beauty of birds into your backyard with these and other quality statues from Design Toscano.

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