An Outdoor Garden Statue that Brings the Call of the Wild into Your Backyard

Howling Lone Wolf Garden StatueWild places remind us of the power and mystery associated with the primal side of nature. While many of our natural instincts might be stowed away when walking to a supermarket or a favorite restaurant in the city, they come back out to play on camping trips in wilderness areas. Those feelings seem to be truly expressed once the sun goes down and the peaceful forest of the day turns into a pitch black place of foreboding menace. Every little sound can put you on edge and the imagination runs wild as owls begin to hoot and shadows seem to come to life. The hair on the back of your neck can seem to stand up for no reason and you don't dare put out the campfire. Once wolves start to howl, the experience gets kicked up a notch and you might be tempted to get in the car and drive back to civilization.

However, once you realize that the sounds of the night are just chipmunks and other small creatures, and that wolves are much more afraid of you than you are of them, their haunting calls become an enchanting reminder that wild places still exist on this Earth. Pay homage to the beauty and mystery of the wilderness with the Howling Lone Wolf Sculpture. With its muzzle raised to the sky, this highly detailed animal yard statue of a beautiful, wild wolf couldn't be more realistic.

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