Ancient Temples

At Design Toscano we have an Egyptian tables collection that is second to none.  These beautifully designed tables are a tribute to the ancient Egyptian culture and time period.  One of the most magnificent of these is the Egyptian Temple of Khafre Ornamental Side Table.  This bas relief table encompasses Anubis, ancient priests of Egypt and hieroglyphs all hand painted throughout its design.  The table is another wonderful Design Toscano exclusive.

Purr Wall SculptureYou can have a piece of the ancient Roman Forum on your tabletop thanks to the designers in our always interesting Basil Street Gallery.  The Roman Forum Columns Set has one piece that is a replica of the Temple of Vespasian as a corner piece and another piece that is a replica of the Temple of Castor and Pollux, which is a straight column piece.  These pieces, which are done in designer resin, can be bought separately or as a set to add the ancient Roman touch to your home.

All cats believe that they are gods and goddesses and your home is their temple.  Even our realistic tiger sculpture cats prance around like they own the yard and you are their guests.  Now you can praise the cat as they deserve with the Purr Wall Sculpture hanging in a prominent place in your home.  Artist Ann Zeleny designed this Design Toscano exclusive wall sculpture to capture the meditation in the cat's purr.  You will love this piece and your cat will be glad you finally understand his/her divinity.

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