Angel and Fairies Statues On Sale!

The British Reading Fairy Garden StatueWho wouldn’t love the whimsical and mythical touch of garden fairies in their outdoor space?   Whether religious statues are your thing or an ethereal fairy is more up your alley, the perfect time to buy an outdoor garden angel statue is when they are on sale.  Which just so happens to be now!  Many of our angel and fairies have just been reduced, which means your post holiday dollar will go an even farther way today!  Even better, at these prices you might even be able to pick up a few!  Here are some samples of just a few of the items that have just been reduced in the world of fairies and angels.

If you are a book lover, and love to enjoy your outdoor space with a book on a quiet summer afternoon, this British Reading Garden Fairy will be the perfect addition to your outdoor abode.  For less than $60, you can’t find a more darling fairy to join you on your fictional adventures this summer.

The simple addition of a garden cherub statue as well will change the entire tone of your garden in an instant.  This Balancing a Dream Cherub is a darling piece for less than $60 that will delight any children you may entertain in your backyard.

No matter what type of change you are looking for in your backyard or garden, or if you simply want to spruce up what you already have, the most magical way to do so is with an angel or fairy.  And there’s no better time to do so than when they are reduced!

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