Angels and Gnomes

Ares and Aphrodite Bonded Marble StatueAll gardens want to be blessed for beautiful and strong plant growth and they all need a touch of good humor too.  For this you need angels and gnomes from Design Toscano.  We have several garden statues gnomes who are busily performing many of the garden tasks necessary to make their garden grow.  The adorable Mushroom Hunters Garden Gnome Statue depicts two gnomes somewhat dwarfed by a mushroom which they are trying to pull up for their dinner.  We're sure it's not a toadstool.

There are so many angels and cherubs in our stone garden angel collection that you are bound to find one that will cheer and bless your garden.  If you need a little light, the Lighting the Heavens Grande Cherub Sentinal Statue Set is just the thing.  These two little cherubs are each holding a torch to light the way into your entranceway or patio.

Not only do we have a wide selection of statues and busts, we have a great many of them on sale in our marble busts for sale area.  For the romantics in the crowd we have the marvelous Ares and Aphrodite Bonded Marble Statue.  Ares has his spear ready for war, but his arm around Aphrodite always ready for love.

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