Animal and Reptile Sculpture

Vanishing Vision Cheetah SculptureWe are known for own our incredible lifelike animal sculptures like our tiger sculpture which are done in dynamic detail showing all the animalistic musculature.  One of our animal sculptures is done three dimensionally with a faux bronze finish and that is the Vanishing Vision Cheetah Sculpture.  The artist has sculpted an image that captures the speed of the cheetah and shows wonderful detail of his body.  This marvelous sculpture is now on sale and would make a great gift.

Parade of Pachyderms SculptureYou should never skip our Basil Street Gallery when looking for interesting and well-designed items to accessorize your home décor.  Among the sculpture that would dress up a table nicely, y take a look at the Parade of Pachyderms Sculpture.  This sculpture of five elephants, one large one and four smaller one, depicts the elephants scampering a little with their trunks raised.  Every piece was hand painted and creates the true look of the African elephant.

One of the favorites of Design Toscano is our Meerkat sculpture of these playful cats in many interesting poses.  Another sculpture that we have that may soon also become a favorite is  Iggy is hand painted in several iguana colors that highlight his changeability and he has been extraordinarily well detailed such that people looking at him will be waiting for him to move.

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