Animal Garden Sculptures for Both Home and Business

Prowling Spotted Jaguar StatueThe animal yard statue can demonstrate your love for all things wild and free, an appreciation for certain types of animals, or that you recognize the inherent artistry found in nature. Whether your backyard receives visits from deer or nothing bigger than a squirrel, animal sculptures help turn it into a wilder place. Statues of felines like the Shadowed Predator Black Panther remind us of the dangerous beauty shown by the cold, green eyes of a cat ready to pounce on its prey. The Prowling Spotted Jaguar statue demonstrates the intricate, almost hypnotic pattern found on their coats.

Garden statuary of non-predatory animals are just as beautiful. A statue of a mother doe and fawn make for a realistic, very tender addition to the garden while Meerkat and Ring-tailed Lemur sculptures can't help but be the most charming statuary in the yard.

Realistic animal sculptures are a beautiful addition to any backyard but many look just as nice in a business. Those same Meerkat and Ring-tailed Lemur sculptures will be adored by clients no matter what type of business you own. Put them in a small rock garden or display them on a stand to entertain and charm every customer that walks through the front doors.

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