Animal Garden Sculptures for Folks Who Love Felines

Charging Cheetah Wall FriezeWe all have our favorite animal. Some people have a penchant for horses while others love everything dogs. Then there are those who can't get enough of cats. They may have a pet cat or two but take their appreciation for felines a step further by displaying beautiful sculptures and paintings of Tabbies, Siamese Cats, and other breeds. Cats can sit still for so long that they kind of resemble living statues all on their own. As they exude an enviable Zen-like elegance, their sleek proportions make them easy to admire and excellent subjects for garden statuary.

The ancient Egyptians considered cats to be sacred and trained Cheetahs for the hunt. They showed their love of cats with many a painting and sculpture. Continue the tradition with Stalking the Savannah Cheetah Statue for the garden and the beautiful Charging Cheetah Wall Frieze for the inside of both home and business. Both of these works of art demonstrate the grace and speed of the world's fastest land animal in detailed beauty.

The Shadowed Black Panther Statue is another animal yard statue most for anyone who appreciates the deadly beauty of a cat on the prowl. As a word of warning, it might take some time to get used to this beautiful statue on account of its detailed realism and penetrating, green eyes!

Find these and other realistic animal garden sculptures at Design Toscano.

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