Animal Garden Sculptures for the Summer

Snapping Swamp Gator StatueIn most parts of the USA and Canada, summer is the best time of the year for decorating the garden. It's much easier to spend time in the backyard when it's warm outside and you can feel blades of green grass beneath your feet instead of freezing cold ice and snow. The warm weather is also much better for putting resin garden statues on display and certain animal garden statues also look better at this time of the year. Animal sculptures that look right at home next to a swimming pool or pond are made for the summer months and can add a bit of dramatic flair to any backyard. Statues like the Snapping Swamp Gator and the Fearless Floating Gator are two such items. These quality Alligator sculptures showcase the exotic, dangerous features of these wild animals with realistic, accurate details.

Sculptures of animals that stalk the sunny, hot African plains would also look out of place at any other time of the year. The Grand-Scale Lioness Statue is a very realistic, beautiful depiction of this majestic wild animal and is a wonderful conversation piece for the backyard, and gardens in hotels and restaurants.

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This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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