Animal Garden Sculptures in Action

Sculptures are created to depict a wide range of emotions and themes. Statues of angels typically show Mischievous Bear Cubs Sculpturepeaceful or sad expressions when they have been crafted for use in cemeteries or other places designated for grieving, healing, and self-reflection. Garden fairies, on the other hand, are fun, mischievous little creatures that represent curious, magical aspects of the natural world (your backyard included). Greenmen are rather stoic but help to bring trees to life with the expressions on their gnarled, woody faces. However, when it comes to action scenes, it can be hard to beat statues of animals.

Even when shown as still, non-moving sculptures, large cats always look ready to pounce. They prowl the undergrowth in search of prey and can bound into swift, deadly action in a matter of seconds. Statues of pandas are just as realistic in showing the comical side of this incredibly cute, bamboo eating animal. Nevertheless, one of the most realistic action scenes for any garden is the Mischievous Bear Cubs Sculpture. The details and expressions of the faces of the two bear cubs are so realistic that at first glance, guests will wonder if you have bears living in the backyard. Perched on a piece of driftwood, the bear cubs in this sculpture are always ready and eager to cause mischief.

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