Animal Garden Statues from Down Under

Tasmanian Devil StatueAustralia is a place of wonder and enchantment. The Great Barrier Reef harbors thousands of colorful fish, anemones, and other sea creatures while the isolation experienced by that southern continent resulted in a wide variety of unique and incredible animals. Kangaroos hop across open grasslands dotted with Eucalyptus groves, and Bottlebrush trees, and bizarre duck-billed Platypus swim in quiet creeks. It's a place that every world traveler hopes to visit but even if you can't make it to Down Under this vacation, you can still bring the flavor of that beautiful land to your yard with certain animal garden sculptures.

One of the most mysterious of all Australian animals is a Canine-like creature known as the Thylacine. Although it might look like a combination of a tiger and a dog, this predator is actually a marsupial and thus more closely related to kangaroos! Sadly, the Thylacine is believed to have gone extinct in Tasmania in the first half of the twentieth century but occasional unverified sightings provide some hope that this secretive creature may still roam wild areas in Tasmania and parts of the Australian mainland. Historically, it coexisted with the infamous Tasmanian Devil, a small, tough, marsupial that uses its strong jaws to crack open the bones of carrion.

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