Animal Garden Statues, Tables, or Both?

Out on a Limb Bear Cub Sculptural TableThe animal yard statue is a classic addition to any backyard. Sculptures of animals like lions, horses, and even turtles bring elegance to the garden by showcasing their natural beauty. They can look stunning all on their own but some animal statues also combine beauty with utility in the form of tables.

The Out on a Limb Bear Cub Sculptural Table is a fine example of one such table and the sculptured table column is so detailed and realistic, you might be tempted to just put it on display for that reason alone. However, if you opt for also using it as a table, the thick glass top will act as a solid support for a cold drink, favorite books, or displaying exquisite objets d'art.

While that sculptural table can be used in the garden, it works better inside the home. The Black Forest Bear Pedestal Table, though, is an excellent item for outdoor garden parties. This bear is happy to make sure that your favorite drink and snacks are within reach!

For a more colorful approach, try the beautiful Great Barrier Reef Glass-topped Table! Sculpted with detailed depictions of stunning reef fish and bright corals that are topped with a round glass top, it's the perfect place for a poolside drink.

Find these and other stunning animal garden sculptures and gorgeous Gothic tables at Design Toscano.

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