Animal Garden Statues that Complement Garden Fairies

Mothers Love, Doe and Fawn SculptureFairies are one of the more enchanting types of statues that can be put into the garden. With exquisite wings and graceful appearance, they look as if they might come to life when the moon bathes the garden with nocturnal light on warm, midsummer evenings. However, as beautiful as fairy statues look when placed in a flowerbed, near a pond, or even hanging from a tree, they look even better when displayed with other types of garden statuary. Certain animal garden statues in particular make a fine fit with fairies.

The Mother's Love Doe and Fawn Sculpture is a beautifully detailed statue that captures the types of endearing animal scenes that go hand in hand with the natural magic of fairies. The miniature elves of wood, field, and garden are said to watch over animals, especially young ones.

Carotene the Bunny Rabbit Garden Statue is another great sculpture for complementing a garden decorated with fairies. Like the little people, this bunny shows that it can be just as mischievous as it is adorable.

The Special Delivery: Squirrel Bicycle Messenger Statue is a wonderful little garden statue that shows a squirrel having fun as it rides an old fashioned bike through the garden. It looks like a definite fairy mascot and is just as adorable.

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