Animal Garden Statues that Warm the Heart

Chauncey the Confused Chimp Garden Monkey StatueThe animal yard statue can be used to add a wild, exciting touch to the backyard. Detailed statues of panthers, tigers, or a howling wolf accomplish this by reminding us of the savage yet beautiful and wild side of nature. Other animal statues are elegant and a realistic sculpture of a Chimpanzee can be simply comical. Animals also have their adorable side and this is what so many of us find endearing about the animal kingdom. We find innocent beauty in the adorable, playful appearance of a fawn or a young rabbit and many of us welcome such animals into our yards.

Animal garden sculptures of adorable animals can give us peace and warm the heart, especially when the decor is a representation of tender beauty. Get the Mother's Love, Doe and Fawn Sculpture to add a touch of tenderness to your collection of backyard garden statuary. This lovely animal statue will be one of the more peaceful and endearing sculptures in the yard.

Bashful the Bunny Statue is another cute, realistic addition for every backyard. Augment the serene, peaceful atmosphere in your garden with this beautiful little animal statue. Kids of all ages will love it, especially when Bashful is paired with its more animated, curious twin, Hopper the Standing Bunny Statue.

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