Animals and Wee Folk

Prowling Tiger StatueOur tiger sculpture is just amazing and needs to be seen to be appreciated.  We have sleek prowling lifelike looking adult tigers walking around the yard or sleeping in the shade.  You can perhaps picture some of the cute little tiger cubs prancing around the table, yet so quiet and immovable they are no danger at all.  We also have one tiger statue which is not done in the lifelike tiger veneer, but is sculpted in metal showing off all of his great musculature by the artist Antoine Louis-Bayre.  This is the elegant Prowling Tiger that overshadows all others outside.

If tortoises or turtles do not naturally visit your yard, you can add a tortoise statue to your décor.  We have tortoises in all sizes from the large Galapagos tortoise to the smaller but cute Aesop's tortoise.  If you are contemplating building a tranquil space we have two tranquil tortoises, one large and one giant, the Tranquil Tortoise Sculpture Giant is pictured here.

Brittany, the English Fairy SculptureA garden fairy statue or more can brighten up the outdoor décor.  We have these sculptures in marble, bronze and other materials that give these fairies life and fancy.  One of the most beautiful of these is Brittany the English Fairy Sculpture with the great butterfly wings who can bring charm and grace into any space.

Comments for Animals and Wee Folk

Name: Valerie Ams
Time: Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Brittney the English Fairy sculpture. My Fairy sculpture got broken and I am trying VERY hard to replace her or at least her wings. Can you please, please help me?

Name: Design Toscano
Time: Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hi Valerie,
Please contact the Customer Service department at 847-952-0100 and they will take you through the process. Thank you

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