Asian and Knight Statues

The Asian theme is one of the most popular for serenity gardens and also for meditative indoor spaces.  Our Japanese garden statues and other Asian works of art abound with that flavor of the Orient that makes wonderful home décor.  One collection that is large are the Japanese geisha statues. One lovely set is the Japanese Faux Ivory Okimono Geisha Collection: Holding Mirror and Holding Fan.  These gracious geisha figures are done in a faux ivory finish with incredible detail in their gowns and their appropriate stances.  One is holding a lovely mirror and the other a folded fan.  They are sold separately or as a set.

Japanese Faux Ivory Okimono Geisha Collection: Holding Mirror & Holding FanMedieval times have become a décor favorite for many people, some from seeing movies about the times and others from reading books such as the stories of King Arthur and his knights.  If you have some medieval tales that you would like to show off we have the knight statues that will do the trick. These are the Arthurian Knight Bookends which have a knight on each bookend sculpted in a different stance.  One is on the lookout for trouble dressed in his armor and the other is all ready to fight with his shield in front of him.  These are classics.

We also have very contemporary sculpture for those who would like that in their décor.   In our always striking Basil Street Gallery there is the wonderful Swept Away Sculpture depicting  two young lovers in a resin glass-like sculpture that will charm everyone.

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