Asian Art and Gargoyle Figurines

Japanese garden statues and other Asian pieces of art are a large part of the beautiful décor pieces that we have at Design Toscano.  The Asian theme has been very popular for many years because it is a wonderfully serene décor.  A lovely piece that we have is our large Forbidden City: Chinese Dragon Grand-Scale Urn Statue which is four and a half feet tall made to replicate the porcelain urns of Ancient China.  The urn is done in red, a “lucky” color, and there is a detailed golden dragon entwined around it.

Leap Froggin Playing Boys Garden StatueSo many of our garden statues are childlike and innocent, such as our garden fairy statues, our cherubs and of course our statues of children.   What else would children be doing in the yard other than playing and our artists have captured many of them doing just that.  One of the best of these is the Leapfroggin Playing Boys Garden Statue.  Here we have two young boys sculpted in lifelike detail as they play leapfrog in a sculpture taken from a 1915 classic and done in a bronze finish.  This is just plain fun.

Every yard and home needs a gargoyle somewhere in the décor and we have the gargoyle figurines for you to choose from.  There is nothing better than the Ball-and-Chain Gothic Dungeon Gargoyle Statue.  He sits chained to a castle turret and does not look happy and yet he’s charming.

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