Asian Garden Sculptures for Every Backyard

Meditating Shy Yogi of Bali SculptureAsian garden statues are an essential part of every Asian-themed garden. Statues of pagodas and pandas add a beautiful, elegant touch to a backyard where Bonsai and rock gardens are put on display. However, as appropriate as such sculptures are for an Asian-themed backyard, some also work well with backyards where garden fairies hide in the flowerbeds. Take the Pagoda Lantern Sculptures as an example. Unobtrusive, elegant, and soothing, these pieces look right at home in any garden.

The Meditating Shy Yogi of Bali is another sculpture that fits in with just about any theme. As he hides his face in his hands and sits with crossed legs, this Yogi has a rounded shape that lends itself to an expression of peace and tranquility.

Tigers are animal garden statues perfect for most Asian-themed gardens but they also look just as dramatic and beautiful in other backyards. The Up a Tree Tiger Cub Statue is an accurate display of the excitement and near-panic shown by kittens (tigers included) when they climb just a bit too high.

The Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger and Grand Scale Bengal Tiger are also available for people looking for a less playful (and more dramatic) version of this beautiful, big cat.

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