Basil Street Gallery Treasures for Your Desk

Tatanka, The Majestic Buffalo of the American West SculptureA work desk isn't just a place meant to host a computer, stationary, and other purely work-related items. Ideally, It should also be a place where you enjoy working and inspires you to meet and surpass every challenge. A desk can't do any of this on its own, but when it's decorated with the right type of objets d'art, it it can act as your own personal corner that inspires determination and imagination. In addition to photos of family and loved ones, certain statuettes and figurines are an essential part of "road to success" desk decor. 

Anyone with an appreciation for nature and the American "Wild West" will love Tatanka, The Majestic Buffalo of the American West Sculpture. However, even if you know nothing about Western history and culture, this powerful, bronze-finished statuette will still inspire strength and stubbornness in the face of every challenge.

Another bronze finished statuette that inspires strength and the ability to succeed against all odds is the Spartacus the Warrior Sculpture. With his arm raised in defiance and victory, this detailed depiction of the famed gladiator is a reminder to keep fighting for your goals no matter what the odds may be.

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