Beautiful Bronze Garden Fairies

Mushroom Fairy Solid Bronze Garden SculptureFor centuries, many cultures believed that fairies made their homes in wild places like ancient woodlands and windy moors as well as in more familiar environments such as backyard gardens. Food was even left out for the little magical creatures to appease them and hopefully gain their aid in helping the garden grow. In modern times, most people have stopped believing in pixies and their kind but that doesn't stop us from decorating our backyards with depictions of those enchanting creatures.

One of the best ways to pay them homage is by depicting them with bronze statuary. The beautiful  solid bronze sculpture of the Mushroom Fairy  is a fine piece that reminds us of the enduring beauty of fairies with a gorgeous verdigris and bronze patina. 

The similarly colored solid bronze Dancing Fairy statue is an enchanting expression of elegance. Her dress flowing with movement, this fairy looks ready to spring to life. Maybe she will on nights when the full moon reigns.

The gorgeous little Bird Fairy is another bronze piece destined to enchant for ages. Like all of our fairy statues, the posture and gentle look on the face of this fairy impart a realism that has to be seen to be believed.

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