Beautiful Ladies

Sculptors often show the best of their skills when the subject is a beautiful woman.  Many gorgeous women and goddesses have become famous statues over the centuries.  In our Greek garden statues collection we have the exquisite Venus De Milo Statue: Grand.  What other woman could look so stunning without arms.  She is over four feet tall and displayed on a marble stand to lend grandeur and beauty to your yard.

Flower Maiden of Bali SculptureFor the garden with an Asian theme, we have our Japanese garden statues collection which features many beautiful women of the Far East.  One such lovely girl is the Flower Maiden of Bali Sculpture.  She is presenting lotus flowers to any and all and is about three feet tall.  She is well crafted in resin with exquisite detail.  Our Maiden of Bali is another Design Toscano exclusive.

We stock many different and somewhat bizarre statues like our Big Foot garden statue and we have some unusual, but beautiful ladies in this area also.  Our Enchanted Garden Fairies: Colleen and Marilee are gorgeous yes, but just also little bit more bizarre than our classical female sculptures.  These ladies are calm and serene with large fairy wings and look excellent amidst all the flowers in your garden.

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