Beautiful Statues for Indoors and Outdoors

Design Toscano is the place for beautiful statues, many of bonded marble and also many fit Tattoo Temptation Wall Sculpture Collection: Asian Beauty & Floral Seductionfor a desk or study area.  You need to browse our marble busts for sale section to find excellent bargains on a wide selection of statues.  A statue that is at a good price is Themis, Blind Justice Bonded Marble Statue which would make an excellent for someone in the legal profession.  This statue of Themis holding the scales of justice stands 13” high is cast in bonded marble with faux gold highlights hand painted on her sword, scales, blindfold and belt.  It is a piece that would be a lovely addition to any room.

Many of our customers are very fond of our Japanese garden statues, but might not realize that we have a large collection of indoor Japanese and Asian décor as well.  A wall hanging that is sure to create a stir is the Tattoo Temptation Wall Sculpture Collection: Asian Beauty and Floral Seduction.   This works consists of two marvelous female nude wall hangings, one facing front and the other with her back to the room.  Both statues are exquisitely “tattooed” by the artist, one to represent Asian Beauty and the other Floral Seduction.  These pieces may be bought separately or as a set.

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with Design Toscano knows that we have a huge collection of statues for the outside, from our many animals to our spiritual religious pieces.  One large and lovely statue is the Glory Del Cielo Sculptural Angel.  Here is one of our most fabulous replicas; this one is of the statue in Cimitero di Ferrera, Italy.  As the name suggest, this four foot angel is celebrating the glory of heaven and she seems to be communicating directly with God.

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