Beautifully Carved Tables and a Chair

The Creeper Glass-Topped Sculptural TableWe have marvelous furniture at Design Toscano in all different themes from Asian to Egyptian and medieval to contemporary.  In our Gothic table collection, there are many very weird items and also some that are just examples of the sculpture of the time.  The Creeper Glass Topped Sculptural Table is definitely a candidate for the weird category and yet this is a depiction of a druidic figure of Anglo-Saxon history.  This figure is kneeling and its large hands hold a good size glass table top.  It is a table that everyone will comment on.

Knottingley Manor ChairOur Egyptian tables depict everything from the Giza pyramid to the Great Sphinx and more.  We have glass topped tables and nicely carved wooden pieces reminiscent of that ancient era.  The Egyptian God Amun-Ra Wooden Ceremonial Chest and Occasional Table is both a storage chest of very nice size and also can be a coffee table.  The table is four feet long and three of its sides have images of the God Amun-Ra in designer resin and hand painted in faux gold.

For our final piece of interesting and wonderful furniture, we look to the always popular greenmen collection.  This collection is full of tree ents, various nymphs and dragons carved in wood and what would make a better chair.  The Knottingly Manor Chair has a high back and is of mahogany wood.  There are dragons, lions and greenmen carved into its legs and back.  The seat has an extraordinarily comfortable cushion seat, covered with eggplant and gold velvet. 

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