Big Foot Garden Statue and Other Wonders

Design Toscano has always been extremely proud of our exclusive sculpture Big Foot, the Garden Yeti Statue.  Obviously this guy has some big feet that can really extend through your yard.  He is also sculpted in design resin with realistic (do we know what he looks like?) fur and facial features.  Soon the media will be on your lawn after your neighbors report the Yeti sighting in your yard.

Goliath the Gargoyle SculptureGargoyles are so popular in these days of vampire stories and things of the supernatural. 
Our gargoyle figurines are the best that you can find to add some of this magic to your yard or home. Goliath the Gargoyle Sculpture is taking a nap at your home stretching out to about one and a half feet.  He seems peaceful and serene, but don't wake him up for anything.

Animal statues are a great favorite from domestic pets like cats and dogs, to our perky frogs and not too perky turtles and our fine jungle cats like our tiger sculpture.  There's a new cat in town and it's stalking its prey in your yard, this is our Stalking the Savannah Cheetah Statue.  This fantastic muscular cat is sculpted on a tree trunk looking for prey.  The statue is over four feet tall and so lifelike your guests will hide their dogs. 

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