Bring Dinosaurs to Your Home and Business with These Animal Garden Sculptures

It's hard to believe that truly monstrous creatures used to roam the very places where we live and work. Jurassic-Sized Kentrosaurus Stegosaur Dinosaur StatueMassive sauropods stretched incredibly long necks up into the sky to feast on the vegetation of huge, ancient conifers. Stegasaurus stomped through the undergrowth of those same primeval woodlands and both of those massive beasts were hunted by Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The height of the dinosaur era happened and ended during the Cretaceous period. Although the big dinosaurs disappeared from this planet more than 60 million years ago, we still celebrate those amazing animals in movies, books, and works of art. We keep the memory of dinosaurs alive because they fascinate us by their size and ferocious appearance. Here at Design Toscano, we take dinosaur celebration a step further by presenting them as highly realistic, detailed sculptures. Put a statue of a Kentrosaurus Stegosaur into the garden of your home, hotel, or other business and your place will be the talk of the town. The lifelike spikes on its back and wrinkled skin make this an incredibly realistic dinosaur sculpture.

Its realism is rivaled by that of the Parasaurolopus sculpture. When guests and clients stop to look at this amazing, eight foot tall creature, you can tell them that it used to be a common dinosaur in North America!

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