Bring Good Luck to Your Home with Outdoor Elephant Statues

Good Luck, Trunk-Up Baby Elephant StatueElephants are considered to be good luck in Thailand and other parts of southern Asia. Rumored to have excellent memories and known to be fiercely loyal to their herd and protective of their young, elephants embody a number of noble characteristics. To demonstrate reverence and appreciation for pachyderms, statues of these powerful, intelligent, and unmistakable animals can be seen in many hotels, restaurants, and shops in southern Asia. They also make for interesting garden statuary, especially when the sculptures are as realistic as the ones offered by Design Toscano.

Put the Trunk-Up Baby Elephant Statue in the yard and neighbors may wonder if you are harboring a private zoo or the most exotic of pets. This statue is about as realistic as you can get without having a real, live elephant roaming through the garden. Kids and adults alike will love the detailed wrinkles and playful features of this cute baby elephant.

The Triumphant Entry Elephant Statue might not be life-size but it makes up for that with highly detailed features and a proud, realistic appearance. Its three foot height and more than four foot length also make it big enough to impress and bestow good luck upon your guests.

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