Bring Light to the Home and Office With This New Egyptian Home Decor

Male Egyptian Telamon SconceLighting is an essential element for any type of room. In addition to providing light needed to see what's in the room, it can also play crucial roles for accentuating decorating themes. For example, we like bright kitchens because we need to see what we are doing and the extra light helps turn it into a cheerful place. The dining room, on the other hand, differs in being a room that requires less light, especially on romantic evenings. Lighting can also be used to help put your favorite decor on display and can provide a warm welcome to clients at an office, hotel lobby, or other business.

The objects used for lighting aren't just limited to providing a place for a light bulb either. They can and should be leveraged for decoration and those who appreciate Egyptian decorating themes will love the Male Egyptian Telamon Sconce. A beautiful wall sculpture all on its own, this lighting fixture was inspired by ancient architecture used to provide support for temples of the pharaohs. Detailed and painted in faux gold and ebony, this decorative sconce is a beautiful addition to the halls and walls of any elegant home or business. It looks even better when two of these Egyptian decorations mirror each other in an entrance hallway.

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