Bring Magic into the Backyard with Garden Fairies

The backyard doesn't have to be a simple, generic, sterile green space with a closely cut, uniform lawn. It can be but that won't accomplish anything more than making your backyard one of the most boring pieces of real estate on the block. That would be fine if you only wanted to use it for lawn bowling or as a place to Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Statuepractice your putt, but if you want to employ the backyard for any other purpose, it's good idea to give it a lot more character.

The right type of garden statuary will add immediate personality to any backyard but sculptures of fairies can make a garden look downright magical. Mysterious, mythical creatures that embody the wonder of nature, fairies hide in the nooks and crannies of old, creaking trees. Their cousins, the gnomes, silently scamper among the rocks but winged fairies are given speech by the wind blowing through fresh, Spring leaves. Their laughter can be heard in the cold, rushing water of stony brooks and garden fountains. Figurines of fairies remind us of nature's magic and add character to any garden.

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