Bring Peace Into Your Garden With Our Peaceful Figures

The Three Virtues Buddha Wall SculptureEvery home and dwelling needs a bit of peace and serenity be it in the indoor or outdoor décor.  Home is where you come to relax after a busy day.  Our Basil Street Gallery carries a wide selection of statues, wall decorations and ornaments for every mood.  When looking for serenity look no further than The Three Virtues Buddha Wall Sculpture.  This wall piece is of the face of the Buddha reflected three times in a stance of meditation.  Nothing is more calming.

The serene garden and yard is what everyone is looking for on a summer evening for simple relaxation.  To accompany our Buddha outdoor statues, we have The Nara Temple: Asian Garden Pagoda Sculpture.  This temple piece is two and a half feet high and has five levels to the building.  It is set in a dark resin and looks divine and serene against the sky and the trees.  One of the impressive things about this sculpture is all the detail that is in the temple and it is a Toscano exclusive.

Many people sense peace and quiet in the slow movement and life of the turtle.  In our tortoise statue collection we have a nice selection of tortoises and turtles just going slow and being laid back.  One of the most adorable is the Turtle Bronze Garden Statue who is just strolling along the garden wall with his head out to see what he can see, peacefully and quietly.

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