Bring Peace to the Backyard with a Garden Angel Statue

The backyard can be more than a place for growing vegetables and going for a swim. It can also act as your Guardian Angel of Peace Statueown private sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life. That bit of greenspace can work like a charm for dealing with stressful situations and rejuvenation of the mind. While natural features like the chirping of birds and flower patches are important, the peaceful, healing aspects of the garden are heightened by certain types of decor. That special decor can be anything from a Buddha Statue to a few animal garden statues but angel statues seem to be especially suited for sculptures that are both peaceful and nurturing.

Add tranquility to the garden with the lovely Guardian Angel of Peace Statue. Nearly four feet in height, this beautiful, classic angel sculpture watches over your garden with small, outstretched wings and a childlike, endearing appearance.

The Heaven's Guardian Angel Garden Statue will add a beautiful, healing touch to any backyard. Based on a stone garden angel statue from Kerepesi, Budapest, Hungary, our angel holds and protects a child with a sweet embrace. The feelings generated by this angel and the beautiful details in her open wings and flowing gown could earn her a centerpiece spot in any garden.

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