Bring the Great North American Ape into Your Yard with a Giant Big Foot Statue

Bigfoot the Giant Life-size Yeti StatueAccording to legend and thousands of people who insist that they have seen it, Sasquatch haunts the deep forests, remote mountains, and dark swamps of the United States of America and Canada. Also known as the Great North American Ape, "Bigfoot" is said to be anywhere from six to eight feet in height, is covered in hair, has huge shoulders, and almost only comes out at night. It's also believed to be intelligent and extremely elusive, and has yet to be officially documented by the scientific community. For that reason, the possibility that Bigfoot might exist is mostly ignored by scientists despite hundreds of credible reports, detailed footprints, and unexplained sound recordings.

When it comes to the Bigfoot phenomenon, the only certainty might be the fact that Sasquatch continues to be an enigma that lacks an adequate explanation. Whether actively searching for Bigfoot or not, the surest means of bringing this creature into your life is by putting one of our Bigfoot statues in the backyard. Get the Giant,  "life size" Yeti Statue and don't be surprised when you start hearing about rumors of Bigfoot in the neighborhood. If people talk about glimpsing the creature in your yard, they are probably seeing the big, highly detailed statue. However, if they also talk about seeing more than one Bigfoot, or a large, hairy bipedal ape that creeps through people's backyards, maybe your unique animal yard statue will have managed to attract a live Sasquatch!

Order realistic Bigfoot sculptures and the best in animal garden statues from Design Toscano between now and February 14th and get 20% off the regular price.

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