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Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts (Virtues) StatueBuddha statues in all sizes and forms give an air of serenity to the garden.  Our large Buddha statue can calm a whole backyard.  A smaller figure, but no less serene, is Baby Buddha Studying the Five Precepts (Virtues) Statue.  This great outdoor statue sits with his legs crossed in your garden and is quietly reading the ancient text of peace and serenity.  If you like the Baby Buddha or any of our other statues, you'll love the fact that right now during our Memorial Day sale you can get 20% off of everything until May 31, 2011!

Our Basil Street Gallery has a large collection of Asian statues and figurines all of which are beautiful and a nice addition to a décor of that theme.  The Earth Witness Wall Sculpture is of the Ankor Khmer Buddha in a pose of crossing his legs and gazing peacefully from his perch. 

Lord Buddha Meditation Altar StatueThis statue is cast in quality designer resin and may be placed inside or outside your home.
The third Buddha statue is from our large collection of Buddha outdoor statues and is once again in the pose of meditation.  Many people like to have a peace garden or a meditation spot in their yard and this wonderful meditative piece would fit right in.  He is the Lord Buddha Meditation Altar Statue.  Posed for meditation, he holds a glass votive candle holder so that enlightenment can come in the form of a small votive candle. 

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