Cabinets for Displaying Egyptian Decorations and Other Collectibles

Collectible objets d'art deserve a proper place for both protecting and showcasing their beauty. Items such as Faberge Eggs, classic statuettes, and other works of art aren't meant to be stored away in boxes until they can be gifted to your grandchildren. They are meant to be seen and appreciated by both you and Cardington Square Manor Curio Cabinetguests of your home or business. The best means of keeping them safe from harm while also displaying them with class is with beautiful, carved cabinets constructed for this purpose.

The Cardington Square Manor Curio Cabinet is perfect for presenting your favorite collectibles. Crafted from beautiful, timeless mahogany, it has fifteen panes of glass that act as miniature viewing windows for your acquisitions. The cabinet is also so beautifully carved with a curved front and barley twist spindles that it acts as a collectible all by itself.

Another excellent display case for showing your Design Toscano statuettes and objet sd'art is the Country Tuscan Style Hardwood Wall Curio. Spacious and crafted with the simple beauty exemplified by the Tuscan style, the large windows, mirror backing, and glass shelves ensure that little gets in the way of viewing your collectibles.

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