Cats of all Styles

Silk and Satin Feline SculpturesEverywhere there are thousands of cat lovers and not just small domestic cats, but the large jungle variety also.  In our Basil Street Gallery, we have a cat sculpture that will please all cat lovers and might make a great gift.  These are the Silk and Satin Feline Sculptures which are two tall lean cats sculpted in resin with a bronze finish.  They are doing what cats do best, looking at the world disdainfully.

The Design Toscano tiger sculpture delights all due to its hand painted The Up a Tree Tiger Cub Statue: Hanging Cubcoat and well sculpted musculature.  Of course, if the adult tigers are delightful, the tiger cubs are even more so.  The Up a Tree Tiger Cub Statue: Hanging Cub will create quite a stir in your yard.  This little cub is hanging on a tree limb for dear life where his mom probably put him to keep him safe from other animals.  This well made little darling is another exclusive sculpture to Design Toscano.

Lions are cats too and we have many outstanding sculptures and wall plaques depicting the king of the jungle.  In the style of our Greek garden statues, we have the Regal Lion Sentinel of Grisham Manor Statue.  There are two of these, one with right foot forward and one with left foot forward, whichever fits your manor the best. 

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