Celebrate Daylight Savings with Fun Garden Statuary

Pink Flamingo Garden Statues: Luau Larry & Flamingo FrankDaylight savings begins today. If this were Monday, losing that extra hour of sleep would put a damper on any festivities but since it falls on the weekend, it's a cause for celebration. You might "lose" an hour today but we get used to the time change quickly enough and it helps us take advantage of that extra amount of daylight during the summer months. Celebrate the day with an impromptu party and if you live in a place with a warm climate, you might as well celebrate outdoors and show off your favorite animal garden sculptures. Thrill and entertain guests with the the realism of the Snapping Swamp Gator Statue and have fun with the Pink Flamingo Garden Statues known as Luau Larry and Flamingo Frank.

For those of us who live in places where the weather is still a bit too chilly for backyard soirees, host the party indoors and entertain with fun indoor statues. Serve drinks with Coco the Parisian Poodle Statue. The curled locks, pink bow, and cute smile on this unique, three foot tall indoor sculpture are painted by hand, and she carries a removable serving tray that is perfect for sharing gourmet snacks and glasses of champagne.

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