Celebrate the Beauty of the Sea with Tropical Wall Decor

The Great Barrier Reef Fish Wall SculpturesThose of us who are lucky to live near the ocean get to witness the beauty of a maritime landscape on a daily basis. The endless beauty of rippled blue and green water dotted with distant ships and occasional whitecaps breaking the surface has always been a soothing, peaceful sight. That easy, natural beauty is one of the main reasons why so many people love to vacation on the ocean's shore and why maritime themes are popular for coastal homes and backyards that feature a big, refreshing pool. Ocean-themed wall decor makes a perfect fit for both gardens with pools and the homes of folks who love to visit the sea.

The mystical essence of the ocean is expressed by the Melody's Cove Mermaid Wall Sculpture with such hand-painted, beautiful details as colorful corals, shells, and a sea-green scaled tail. A less colorful, but more classical depiction of Neptune's daughters is found with The Mermaid of Langelinie Cove Wall Sculpture. The graceful curves and flowing tresses of this mermaid will make her look as if she is swimming on your wall.

Although the colors above the ocean paint the natural palette with subtle beauty, the most colorful aspects of the ocean are found beneath the waves. Coral reefs in particular display an astounding array of bright, neon-like colors. That colorful biodiversity is captured in the Great Barrier Reef Fish Wall Sculpture, a wall decor work of art that showcases the beauty of Angelfish and other denizens of coral reefs.

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