Celebrate the Diversity of Life with Animal Garden Statues

Ring-Tailed Lemur Family StatueThe world we live in is incredibly diverse. Most people have no idea how truly biodiverse the Earth is because we don't think we deal with nature and other animals on a daily basis. The fact is, even if you live in an apartment in Manhattan, you still interact with animals no matter what you do. While people in the Amazon rainforest are certainly surrounded by a lot more life, in addition to human diversity, city dwellers share their gardens and parks with squirrels, dozens of bird species, raccoons, deer, coyotes, hundreds of insects and plants, and millions of unseen microbes.

We have a connection to the plants and animals that we eat on a daily basis and a different, more family-like connection to our pets. Life has evolved on this planet just about everywhere and scientists even encounter species in places as inhospitable as the frigid, dark waters of the deep seas and in volcanic vents. The abundance and incredible array of life on this globe is reason enough to celebrate it on a daily basis and one way of doing so is by decorating the backyard with realistic animal garden statues. Show off amazing, cute creatures like Ring-tailed Lemurs or put out a realistic, life-size animal yard statue of a lioness to celebrate wildlife on Earth.

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