Celebrate the Holidays With Bigfoot and Dragons!

Include Design Toscano's exclusive Big Foot garden statues and ornaments when decorating your home for the holidays! 

Bigfoot, the Holiday Yeti Holiday Ornament is a brand new item in stock, and it is sure to surprise visitors, or even friends and family members if you choose to give this piece as a special gift. 

Our legendary yeti makes a holiday appearance, decked out with all the trimmings! Undetected and unknown for centuries, Bigfoot is now the inspiration for this collectible, 2010-edition holiday ornament. Makes a one-of-a-kind holiday tree ornament, mythical stocking stuffer, package tie-on, or creative addition to your Bigfoot collection. Cast in hand-painted quality designer resin.

Another holiday ornament that could be given as a gift for others or for yourself is the Protector of the Gothic Portal Celtic Dragon 2010 Holiday Ornament. This ornament will go perfectly with your home's gothic décor, as well as with any dragon garden statues that may be found outside! 
Add Gothic flair with our Toscano-exclusive mystical dragon perched upon a sparkling crystalline resin Celtic orb! Our collectible, 2010-edition holiday ornament makes a one-of-a-kind tree ornament, mythical stocking stuffer, magical package tie-on, or a creative addition to your dragon collection. Cast in quality designer resin with a hand-painted faux pewter finish.

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