Celebrate World Travel with Décor from Design Toscano

Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe BarTraveling to distant corners of the globe has never been easier. Whereas trips between London and New York took more than a month just a hundred years ago, nowadays, you can be there in a question of hours as long as you have the means or miles. The ease of modern day global travel has facilitated connections between cultures and people on opposite sides of the planet, and makes it possible for millions to walk storied, ancient roads, sample fantastic local brews in antique pubs, float past the green jungle walls that flank the mighty Amazon, and visit mysterious ancient ruins. With so much to see and experience, it only makes sense to celebrate global travel with beautiful garden statuary, Gothic decor, and other items from Design Toscano.

Folks who love to travel will also love the Sixteenth-Century Italian Replica Globe Bar. Use this replica of a 16th century antique to plan your next adventure and serve drinks while you entertain guests with tales of your latest trip to Peru or that voyage to the shores of Sicily.

If you have just come back from visiting castles in Europe, mark the occasion by displaying such items as the Gothic Sanctuary Side Table Cabinet and the stunning Warwickshire Dragon Glass-Topped Coffee Table.

Buy $75 or more of garden statuary or anything else from Design Toscano today, January 12th, and enjoy free regular shipping!

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